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Let's be real. Life is hard. And sometimes scary. How on earth am I supposed to live the Abundant Life?
How am I supposed to live the Abundant Life ~ on earth?
My name is Katy Pistole. I am an ordained minister, Bible teacher, discipleship counselor, award-winning author, and the Founder of Beautiful Brokenness Ministries. I am also a fellow traveler on this broken road called life. I have discovered that brokenness can be beautiful when you understand the heart of the Shepherd.

I want to start a revolution. Will you join me? 


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"I met Katy when my whole world was falling apart. I was waiting for my daughter's birth and then immediate death. I was not going to trust a God who would allow that to happen to me. Katy helped me see that God was not using me or my pain. He was sufficient for me in the midst of my pain. This ministry is one of the most powerful pictures of God's love I have ever seen."

Ginger DeRoche

"Katy is a gifted teacher and listener. She listens to understand, reiterates to acknowledge Truth, and responds in way that provides clarity and relief. Katy simplifies confusion. I would not be whole without her. She leaves me full of Life every time we gather."

Heidi Jones

"Katy listens to the words of her students and also their hearts. She is gifted in the ability to respond in love and truth in a unique way. I've become a donor because I have attended her women's events and have been encouraged and see who I am in Christ with more clarity and joy."

Keli Price

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