About Katy

Katy Pistole met Jesus in a small African country called Botswana in 1976. Katy's beloved horse, Black Jack was dying from a virulent disease called African Horse Sickness. She prayed from a desperate little-girl-faith, and the next day, found her horse, totally healed and munching hay. 

She knew in that moment, that God is real. God is powerful. God is good. And these three Truths are all we need in each moment. Each moment provides a new opportunity to trust Jesus, or something else. 

God has incorporated horses into a unique, but totally Biblical perspective for Katy, and she loves to share the modern-day Shepherd/sheep image with God's children anytime. Anywhere.

Katy has been a discipleship counselor for nearly 20 years and has helped thousands of God's kids discover their place in His Story. She is the founder and Executive Director of Beautiful Brokenness Ministries, as well as an award-winning author and national speaker. Katy loves to share His Life, and her unique take on brokenness through words, written and spoken.  You can find out more about Katy's books at www.KatyPistole.com  

Join Katy on a journey into wholeness, through brokenness.

Jesus will change the way you see Life!

See you in the round pen!



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